Damn you Scoliosis!

Well as you all know it is the holiday season and I was expecting to be feeling much better, I have been taking it easy, spending lots of time relaxing and doing bugger all, however, the back brace has been in and out of the cupboard more times this past month than I had used for the last year!

I am really struggling with the right hand side muscles again............ it hurts so much and I have noticed that I have been in a bad mood these past few days, I have been taking it out on everyone - not like me at all, but sometimes we just get to the end of our tethers don't we?

I feel I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, I don't want more Scoliosis surgery or injections for this and that, I would just like to be a normal person and yes I know I have to deal with my Scoliosis but bloody hell it gets hard sometimes.

I am now in bed again as this is the only place that I get any relief, but I am a 31 year old woman who has had Scoliosis since age 12 and I want to feel 31 not 61!!!

Well, that's enough about me moaning for one day, I will continue and try to sort myself out, I feel a bath coming on ;)


Surviving.Scoliosis said…
Hello there :) well I was researching on the internet and thought I would stop by and wish you a happy new year :)

I was reading what you wrote....let me just say, I can almost if not fully say, I know EXACTLY what you mean :( I am sorry we are both going through this s**t..but oh f****** well (sorry somtimes swearing is the only word that will do!!!) It's not YOU who is in a bad mood..it's the damn scoliosis that puts us in this damn moood....

I have all the information I need about the mattress and I should be buying it very soon...I so hope it does something for me before my surgery...2008 please be good to me..I never felt I deserved anything more!!!

Take care, will keep in touch and I hope you have A VERY Happy New Year..hang in there...look at me trying to be positive LOL sometimes it's the only way to get through this...

Surviving Scoliosis :) xx
Hola Hun

Nice to hear from you, as always. Don't worry about the anger, we all need to vent and it makes us feel better, a good cry helps also :)

Glad you have the information on the mattress and bed. I can't wait for you to get your mattress or bed? I will look forward to your thoughts and feelings on it.

Happy New Year to you also and take care xoxoxox

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