Scoliosis pain diary - 9th January 2006

I was feeling absolutely fine, had just finished eating my breakfast, I was sat in my bean bag with my legs slightly apart as my surgeon told me this aides the spinal cord.

I tried to get up from the bean bag with plate in hand when I had this awful shooting pain which caused me to fall to the floor and immediately start crying as I was unable to get up, this is the second time in a few months the same muscle has given way, perhaps it was the bean bag who knows.

I spent the whole week in bed following that escapade, unable to move even my feet, by day 3 I was able to get to the toilet a lot easier, I had this time been able to get to the toilet with the aide of a stick and I was able to wash myself in the bath tub using my fold out chair to sit on, although it was very painful as I could not hold my body straight I was bent to the side and bent over forward so of course the rest of my body started to ache due to me being in that awkward position.

The pain I felt was just a pulled muscle but us Scolios tend to think the worst and my back does seem to be getting worse as the years roll by, I used to have periods of bad pain but that was every few years now it seems to be every few months and to make it even more bizarre I am more active now than I ever have been, in the Summer I swim every day, in the Winter I walk and do Yoga (when I can!), it is a vicious circle and I am still not pregnant, all these things play a part in my life and I keep going round and round not accomplishing anything.

I have been using the pills I was supplied except Nolotil as I do not like this drug very much and Valium seems to have stopped working like it used to which is a shame because I relied on that when I am bad to help me get to sleep, teamed with stick on heat pads and electric heat mat plus my microwave heat bag I can usually get comfortable.


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