Scoliosis pain diary - 24th September 2006

I was bought a new walking stick by my friend Daisy and it is much better, it is a telescopic one so it is also easier when I am out in my wheelchair it doesn't poke out and stab people in the leg I can fold it away for convenience.

My pain in the right leg is still there and I am convinced it is Sciatica as this seems to be common in people with Scoliosis, so perhaps this has finally caught up with me? I have been doing some gentle exercises in the pool and this seems to help the sharp lightning like pain, although this does depend on how I am sitting. My lower back is still the same as was............painful and seems to feel tired a lot, almost as if my body is saying to me "please don't walk, stand or sit anymore".

It is a Sunday today and we would usually go for a walk, however, I wouldn't get very far without needing to take medication or a very large drink so now I do not even attempt to go walking, if we want to walk I go in my wheelchair, this way I can be comfortable if we want to sit in a bar etc.


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