Scoliosis pain diary - 1st August - 5th September 2006

We have had a busy Summer and I now have possession of my own wheelchair, although it took some time to get used to the idea that I was using a wheelchair but now I am more settled with the idea and it helps me a great deal.

Going out and sitting in various pubs or clubs started to become a problem last year, so much so that it was not worth going out, the chairs are not comfortable for me so I tend to suffer, having my own chair with me means I can relax while I am out and enjoy myself.

The last month or so has been more or less up and down, however, I always force myself to get out of bed and get on with the day, this sometimes can be a bit much though.

The pain has been there everyday now for a very long time, bending down is such an effort and
a strain, I generally bend down holding onto something with one of my legs in the air behind me.

This year's pain has been worse as I have not even managed to do much exercise because the pain has placed a burden on that area, although I know I should try harder it is difficult to do so.
I still continue to have massages when I can and this helps my shoulders and neck, they seem to take a lot of strain and tighten up very quickly, the massage itself is not particularly enjoyment for me as it hurts most of the time while she tries to manipulate the muscles surrounding the neck and shoulders area.

If I lean forward against a dining room table while sitting then I can feel the pull in the lower discs, I wouldn't say that was awful pain, more like awareness that I am leaning forward.
Since loosing my surgeon Dr Andreen I have felt very lost without someone to lean on and confide in so I am now on the hunt for someone that can help me once again and be on my side! I wish I could see an end to the pain and have something to look forward a day pain free! But on that note I am very strong and confident and will continue to smile on a daily basis and just be happy in the knowledge I have caring people surrounding me, always wanting to help. Thank goodness summer is coming to an end and the heat pads can come back out again! 35ยบ heat and a heat pad on your lower back is not comfortable at all.

I am so glad to work from home so that I can rest when I can, I don't think I could face going to work on a daily basis and having to sit in a chair for 8 hours a day, or standing on my feet for the same length of time.

My period is due to start today so the pain has been slightly worse the last few days as it always does and I am all out of Ginseng, Blackcurrant and Vanilla tea which always seems to help, looks like a few days in bed will be in order for me.

Also since loosing my surgeon I have no one that can prescribe me Valium so I have not been taking any in case I need it badly to get to sleep, I only have 5 left!


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