Scoliosis pain diary - 11th August 2005

Once again felt good this morning but this afternoon I feel sore and in pain again, after my shower I wanted to wrap my hair in a towel so I put my head forward to do so and I couldn't do it because the pain was too much and almost knocked me to the floor. If I am sat down and I bend forward the pain comes rushing and it is in the center of my back, bending down is a chore, I have to bend to the left and then go down and then coming back up again I use my hands on my knees and come up that way.

When I lay on my bed the pain starts but once I have been laid for a while it subsides, I have not done any exercise since this started as I simply cannot face it and I am scared of what the pain will be if I try. I can walk fairly OK but it is a great effort and I just feel drained (that could also be the heat). The pain is OK when I raise my legs nothing at all, but all I can feel is immense pressure all the time in the diosc area of my spine, of course it could be radiating pain but who knows. I need to lie down!


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