Scoliosis Pain diary - 10th May 2006

So far this year I have had many ups and downs and it is only May! I remember a time when I would go a few months before any major pain or discomfort inside.

I noticed last week my shoulder muscles were very strained and became painful, I thought perhaps this was due to me using a walking stick which had put pressure on my upper back muscles.

I am now a week later and no change except it is now a dull ache and I notice my rod a lot more than I ever did. I never had problems in the upper back before or surrounding the rod area.
After close inspection on the scar my husband says it looks as if the skin has moved slightly as the scar used to be a straight line up the spine whereas the top of the scar is now bearing to the left slightly.

For a few weeks now I have complained of heart palpitations (feels like a butterfly is flapping its wings over my heart) when I get into bed at night, my ribs have moved (we think) and my hips do not feel as aligned as they did a few months back and I have noticed a slight change in my clothes around the chest area.

I am getting new aches and pains everywhere it seems lately and I do not feel this is my imagination running away with me, I think people with Scoliosis feel changes in their bodies more than the average person because of the rotation in the ribs.

When I was back in the UK in April my Mum measured me in the health center where she works and I have lost an inch in height and I now stand at 5"6, whereas I have always been 5"7.
I keep wanting to hold my shoulders back, like arch my shoulders and bring my elbows back, why I don't know, perhaps it is because of the rod poking that I feel it more, this I will have to discuss with my Doctor when I see him next.

I think I will ask him for an x-ray of my ribs as well to be sure nothing drastic is going on in there!


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