Scoliosis pain blog - 6th August 2005

Still using my chair today but I have noticed that when leaning over to the left my breathing feels restricted as if I cannot breathe in much air into my lungs, if I lean to the left I am able to breathe much better. Also when leaning and breathing in to the left I get a pain on the top of my left shoulder blade but when leaning to the right and breathing in I get a pain on my right lumbar muscle. But breathing in when sat central the pain moves to the middle of my lumbar. I went to a friend´s house this evening and he came to collect us, I wore my back brace which was good for the travel journey and it helped fight against the bumps, I did not take any pain killers today and therefore had some wine while I was at their house, the journey was awful and very painful, the roads here are very bumpy and I didn't realise this until I am like this. I also used my microwave heat bag while I was there on my lumbar and that is such a great help to the lower lumnbar muscles when they hurt.


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