Scoliosis pain - 14th March - 4th April 2006

I have been having yet more problems today with my right hand side hip and what I assume is the muscle having a spasm or some kind of cramp.

When sitting I cannot lean my head onto my chest without a pain coming from that side of my body, the pain shoots straight up that side of me into my head which makes me pull my head back up. Driving has become more difficult than I ever expected, although I do drive an automatic car which is slightly easier but if I need to look behind me or turn around with my upper torso it becomes difficult for me.

I have spent most of this week in bed again (seem to be there a lot these days), continually making sure that I try and get up every hour and attempt to stretch and even do Yoga, however, the pain when trying to get out of bed is awful, I find myself holding my back as I attempt to get up but on my way to standing it almost cripples me to stand and then I cannot get comfortable anywhere then without pain.

I never used to get up every single day and have pain from the moment I awoke, I used to have spats where I would have a bad few weeks couple of times a year, it now seems almost monthly or more, but I do get up every day and there is the pain to remind me each day to be careful.
I gave in last week and bought myself a walking stick, I am going on holiday to the UK and had to resort to a wheelchair for that time there because of late I have been in immense pain and not been able to walk anywhere, I just cannot support myself right now and a wheelchair seemed like the best option considering I was going on a 2 day conference.

I am still in 2 minds of what would be the best option for me, I am so scared of everything that is proposed to me that I just do not know which was to go now, I was hoping any degeneration would just stop and go away but I guess that is not to be.


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