My Scoliosis pain diary - 3rd August 2005

Had another good night´s sleep thanks to good old Valium, feeling a bit better today and was able to wash myself in the shower but still unable to wash my feet myself or get round to my buttocks (this has never been and easy place to clean as the turning causes some stress)on the lower back. I still have feelings of discomfort when breathing especially in the lower back. I am not sure whether to try and get up today because it may add more pain on the muscle, I have tried to stand but this is a great effort for me and I stand bent towards the right clutching my right hip. Being laid like this gives me time to think and reflect over the years of pain that I have dealt with and the discussions I have had with Dr Andreen since last year and feel now I should face my pain head on and perhaps address it in the way that my surgeon feels best. I do wonder if I have the disc removed that is causing the problems that this pain may go away.


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