My pain diary - 2nd August 2005

After a night´s sleep on Valium I awake in the morning and breathing is slightly difficult, when I brethe in I can feel pain in the lower back which feels central, I take more Nolotil, the pain is the same intensity. My husband helped me shower and wash my hair and then helped me back inot bed, the only way I can get into bed is to lay down on my side and roll or have my husband drag me by the arms, the pain is so much that I feel I could faint at any time therefore I just stay still. My skin is still swollen in this area, especially in the middle at the base of my spine, this area I cannot touch as it sends shooting pains up the middle. When I move my head I can feel that at the base of my spine. I have not had any feelings of numbness nor any tingling, just immense pain especially if I do not take pain meds.


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